Work Outages 3/23

Saturday 3/23/19 there will be two projects going on that will cause temporary outages.   First will affect the area of Thatcher’s Lane and Robertson Drive, we will be looking for the source of the recent service interruptions in that area. There will be total outages of TV and Internet as components on the Main line are checked, repaired an/or swapped out.  This should conclude around noon.  Second will affect the entire system.  This project is a re-racking of the receivers, combiners, modulators, and back up power packs in the head end. This is a time consuming undertaking and will take most of the day.  It is being done to make room for more equipment in our racks and better organize the head end. This will cause outages of large blocks of channels as the back up power packs are moved and new cables run between components.

We are asking you to NOT RESCAN until Saturday evening if you are still missing channels after we conclude. IF you rescan during these temporary outages your TV will loose the channels that are off, and will have to rescan once we are done.   We have scheduled both projects together to minimize the amount of overall service interruptions.

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