AUDIT- resumed

The audit has resumed! We will be taking readings to check levels, assessing the age and condition of: the drop(pole to house), lines entering the house and noting the presence or absence of a service box.  If lines need replaced it will be noted and we will contact you if we need to replace internal lines. For all external work on drops we will not contact you, but we will replace all drops we feel are in disrepair for current customers; drops going to homes of customers currently not connected will be removed from the system. Should these homes need connected in the future a new drop will be installed at that time.  As the tech takes readings you may experience temporary interruption in TV and Internet. Please check channel 9 for current audit location and date.

Any homes that we find connected for any services that are not being payed for WILL BE disconnected and invoiced for the service and address turned over to Youngsville Police department as theft of services. If you suspect you are incorrectly receiving cable TV, Standard while paying for Clear Life Basic, or Showtime. Please contact the office ASAP.



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