Rescanning constently….

I keep getting reports that people have to keep rescanning.  We have done NO changes that require you to do this since we moved the Weather Channel to digital 116.  IF you are continually rescanning then there is a line issue between the drop to your home and TV.  The only way we know you are not getting all your channels or clear pictures is if you call the office.  If there are ANY nicks, cuts, kinks, sharp bends,…Damage to the line it causes a variety of  issues.  Also old lines cause problems, we are still finding 1950’s Copper lines on/in houses but most of what we see is 1970’s RG59, 1990’s RG6.  The copper and RG59 are not designed to pass digital frequencies, they can/may for a time but do so with missing channels, pixeling on digital and snow on analog channels.  The 1990’s RGs lets electrical interference into the lines, due to only being single shielded and the crimp ends come loose or we have had them just fall off the end of the cable.

So if your channel 2 (analog), 5 (analog), and 116 (Light tv) are snowy, then there is a problem.

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