Channel Duplication

Beginning Oct 22 2019, YTV will begin eliminating duplicate of digital channels. This will effect the following channels:

  • 301 OutDoor Channel(11/15/19)
  • 502– DIY(11/15/19)
  • 503– Travel(10/28/19)*
  • 504 -Food(11/15/19)
  • 506– HGTV(11/15/19)
  • 514 – SCI(11/15/19)
  • 520 – A&E(11/15/19)
  • 521 – History(11/15/19)
  • 607– Lifetime(11/15/19)
  • 609– Hallmark (10/22/19)*
  • 610-Hallmark M&M (10/22/19)*
  • 806-GAC(11/15/19)

*A date (10/–/19) after channel indicates the day it stopped

These channels where duplicated for various reasons when we went full digital:

609 & 610 – audio format that a few TVs could not use, this means if you do not receive audio it is the TV’s tuner.

301, 514, 521, 520, 607– Are being transmitted to us in MPEG4 only.

502, 503, 504, 506, 806 -Where being “miss handled” by set top boxes. They will now be in MPEG4 only.

We can not continue to duel broadcast these channels. The decision to stop it was held off as long as possible but the tipping point was the Discovery channel provider purchasing 5 channels and is converting them to MPEG4. With more providers switching to transmitting MPEG4 only to their satellites, they are often willing to provide the equipment to us in the transmitted format.  If your TV gets “audio only”  on channels  134 & 135 then your TV can not process MPEG4.  This is the format that our providers are going to.  We down converted for more than a year to provide time for those that have TVs that can not process it to replace their TVs.  Currently 134-RFDTV, 135-Cowboy Channel, and 701-706 Showtime are already in MPEG4 ONLY.  We need to move forward with the technology.  Back converting is not a responsible use of our recourses.

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