Pittsfield – Channel issues

You will experience outages today 7/16/2020 while we make try to resolve this noise issue.

We are aware of individuals from Prospect St to end of our lines on Rt 6 are experiencing random and ever changing list of missing channels.  What you are seeing with the missing channels is a failing component putting noise into the system. This noise interferes with how your TV is getting the information. Think trying to talk to a friend at a Tractor pull…when there is a break in the noise you can understand them but when the pull is going you can hear they are saying something but not understand them. This is what your TV is doing with the RF noise, it cant understand so it goes blank.  We have been out trying to find where the noise is being generated but it has not broken enough that we can find it. We are continuing to take readings and checking all components to try to catch it while it is broken and making noise.